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Educational Toys for Kids - Why Are They Important?

After a child is born, he or she is always handed a toy as their first gift. Playing is the best way to start learning and a toy helps a kid explore things. At a very early stage of their life, kids learn about new things, new objects, and new sensory feelings. Parents often fill the houses with various toys of various shapes, sizes, and colours. However, very few parents know that educational toys for kids can help intellectual and motor development right after their birth.

Various studies have shown that educational toys for kids at an early stage of a child’s development years can enhance senses and spark their active imagination. With the growth in STEM education, enhancement of scientific temperament is essential in the long run. Scientific temperament is required for the development of robotics in India. There is no age limit for introducing kids educational toys as the myth suggests. 

These educational toys are immaculately designed for toddlers and parents need to invest their time to find the best age-appropriate educational toys for kids. Understanding the requirements for instilling creativity and interest will help the kids have a fulfilling career ahead. 

Importance of the right type of education for children

Child development is crucial and this will be possible only with the right type of education. Proper education is beneficial for a child's career and growth in the long run. Parents understand the need for inculcating the best education for their children right from infancy. Education is the birthright of every child as it develops wisdom and intelligence along with helping them become a diligent citizen of the country. 

Children are the pillar of the nation and education helps them become the pillar. Education helps a child learn humanity, good manners, and how to behave with other people around them. Early childhood education aims at improving their mental capacity right from the beginning. In addition to that, the importance of education is paramount in developing social and mental skills which will help them in growth and achieve success. Education also helps a child in developing their artistic skill and teach them how to survive in the world. 

Although homeschooling can also improve the scope of learning, proper schooling is necessary for a child to understand their atmosphere and improve their learning ability. Every child deserves a good education in their life and a school will provide a good stability. What we learned in our school days has a great impact as it improves cultural and financial understanding. School education will promote social skills with peers and also physical development. 

Additionally, a child will be able to channelise his energy into various social avenues in school. Various studies have shown that in a familiar environment, a child is often at his/her best behaviour and they learn to deal with sudden bursts of energy. Therefore, the right type of education helps a child deal with their atmosphere in the right way while focusing on their personal growth. 

What is the right age to introduce educational toys to children?

Even though there is no right age to introduce educational toys for kids, children can start benefiting from toys as early as one month old. There are various benefits for different age ranges. 

1-12 months old: At infancy, educational toys can develop their sensory power. These toys can develop hand-eye coordination as they become very active. Some of these educational toys will include soothers, mobile toys, portable toys with light and sound, dance mats, and infant play. With these toys, an infant will be able to figure out how a toy works through trial and error. 

12-24 months old: As the child reaches the one-year mark, introducing the right kids educational toys will teach them balance and coordination. It is required to incorporate basic numbers and help them understand their newfound mobility. There are many themed playsets that will help them develop their recognition skills. There are many educational toys like push cars, themed toys, and themed books. 

Two years: As the child gets a bit older, it is necessary to introduce the physical play. Parents need to be hyperactive in introducing toys while ensuring they learn about safety requirements. Certain toys like tricycles can help them understand safety concerns, teach them how to wear a helmet, and incorporate the process of using a toy. This is also a toy that will incorporate cognitive skill building. Parents also can incorporate toys that will help their small motor skills like drawing and writing. Games and books will develop game recognition and hearing. For example, certain toys will promote physical play and cognitive skills like basketball hoops, drawing easels, Kinetic sand, magnetic building blocks, and counting toys. 

Benefits of introducing educational toys to children

Children benefit a lot from electronic educational toys. The benefits are vast and it is time for parents to invest their time in finding the best educational toys for their kids. These toys are linked to developing sensory skills in children along with improving their sense of sight. This promotes personality and communication skills among kids along with better memory retention. 

Educational toys for kids can also lead to better coordination and increased literacy. For instance, educational puzzle games will require a kid to focus all their energy and attention which will develop their problem-solving skills. Parents can also train their kids to become better at social skills through kids educational toys. Kids can take on role-playing, understand emotions, and develop sympathy in various social situations that involve sharing and leading. Playing with educational toys will also help a child to respond positively to anger, laughter, and sadness. 

Early introduction to educational toys for kids will improve concentration as well. These toys not only foster learning and growth but also instil creative imagination in a child. This simple tactic will also lead to focusing on a task for a longer span of time. 

STEM-based educational toys

Children can be termed as natural-born engineers as they learn to take apart several things on their own. STEM education is becoming essential as robotics in India is leaping ahead. Therefore, there are many STEM-based educational toys that will help a child become inclined towards the engineering and technology fields. Toys like Magnetic Building tiles can help the kids form two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects. 

Lego Robots and Sphero Specdrums can also help in improving cognitive skills in kids. Prior to the abrupt rise of online education, table tiles and colour sets were launched to help the kids develop their artistic ability in school. Rubik's cube is also a great STEM-based toy that can develop mental skills. Along with that, e-books can also help them read and comprehend words that take them years to learn. 


Educational toys for kids are the best way at improving all their social skills. With STEM education taking the forefront, it is necessary to develop their scientific temperament through electronic educational toys. Parents need to introduce these toys at the right age so that their children can grow up to have the best career. There are many STEM-based educational toys for kids that will help them develop cognitive and social skills to become good people in the long run. 

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