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Lab at School

ThinkerPlace, an ed-tech company with an educational STEM-based ecosystem, gives an extensive learning module that puts the existing educational system at par with the National Education Policy 2020 for your student. With the Lab at School segment, ThinkerPlace allows schools to incorporate their innovative teaching methods into the daily curriculum.

Why:   Keeping in mind the fourth industrial revolution also called industry 4.0, we aim to inculcate an ideal education setting where young minds are encouraged to innovate and implement current concepts to create new ones. Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Maths) Lab At School is India’s first Portable Integrated STEM Lab that opens the avenue to impactful learning that is beyond traditional textbooks and brings conceptual learning to life. Our kits are designed by experts and can be easily understood and used in real life applications. 

Why Us:

  • Well-defined Learning Objectives
  • Modern & Up-to date skill practices and procedures 
  • Interactive Student Guides
  • Regular Student Assessment
  • Community Driven Learning Process

What:  ThinkerPlace Lab at school segment combines all that you need to transform the school environment into a more fun-learning experience, promoting collaboration and exploratory learning with our STEM learning models that cover valuable concepts.  It aids schools to establish sophisticated laboratories for students to practically learn the concepts of STEM, keeping in mind the different age groups and diverse needs. Each age category from 3 to 10 years receives different products that are best suited to their acumen. 

What we give you:

  • Astronomy Lab
  • 3D Printing Lab
  • IoT Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Automation Lab
  • Basic Lab 
  • Drone Lab
  • Electronics Lab 

How: ThinkerPlace makes the best form of learning possible by laying a foundation of core scientific concepts for kids to observe, question and apply for themselves! We offer thoughtfully curated Lab environment with enjoyable kits and innovative curriculum that are backed with concept, programming & implementation manuals for complete support. Our Learning Management System comes with interactive learning sessions, webinars and simulations that are reliable for independent learning & sustainable knowledge. 

How It Works:

  • Kits
  • Tools
  • Learning Management System
  • Teacher Training (Online)
  • E-learning Content
  • Manuals (Safety | Concept | Instructional) 
  • Webinars From Mentors on STEM
  • End-to-end Guidance 

How to get your Lab At School: 

  • School Registration 
  • Passcode Credentials
  • Lab Set up
  • Kits Delivery
  • Weekly Sessions
  • Tech Support
  • Webinar
  • Student Community