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How to Make a Robot for Kids?

Robotics is a fast emerging field in India, with STEM taking the driving wheel for the young mass. India's position as a global hub for robotics is becoming a reality, with our daily life slowly becoming centered around the internet. In the bigger picture, robotics is producing personalized machines that have been combined with Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computation. As warehouse automation is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12%, it is imperative to develop the scientific temperament from schooling. 

STEM Education for Kids

Robot for Kids

STEM education has become crucial these days as technologies change in the blink of an eye. Our world depends on Engineering and Technology, and Robotics in India is poised to change the future of the country. Through STEM education, kids can develop an imaginative mind that will stay with them throughout their life. STEM creates critical thinkers and breeds a new generation of innovators. As the technology revolution is happening, India cannot miss the bus. It is becoming clear that future jobs will be directly linked to the fields of math and science. 

As an increasing number of people have started to realise the importance of robots for kids, it is now time to impart education on the classroom level. Kids today need to explore the great outdoors and conduct fun experiments like how to make a robot for kids to develop their minds. 

Practical Learning

Robot for Kids

Practical learning is the concept of active appropriation of knowledge, skills, and abilities to enhance competence. It involves showcasing your personal potential along with the refinement of existing knowledge. 

While theoretical knowledge in STEM education can help with the clarity of a topic, practical learning can impart understanding about a subject. When we talk about robotics in India, it is essential to know how to make a robot for kids instead of simply learning about a robot. Practical learning synchronises a kid's thoughts and efforts along with providing a better comprehension in any situation. When it comes to STEM for kids, without practical learning, robotics in India won't thrive. 

Practical learning is also a powerful memory tool that helps the kids to handle real-life problems, provide a deeper understanding of the subject, and improve their skill set. As robotics in India takes centre stage, the robotics kit can imbibe the spirit of practical learning and boost the kids to understand the technicalities of engineering. 

Robotics for Kids

In the 21st century, kids are being introduced to computers and technology that shape their growth. The world of robotics is a foundation for their future careers. Robotics is a field that is seeing immersive growth every day. In India, robotics has taken over warehouse automation and our everyday life. 

The Indian Economic Survey of 2017-18 featured Robotics as one of the key areas of attention. Several state governments have already initiated robots for manual tasks like cleaning sewers and manual scavenging. However, robotics in India is still lagging behind developed countries like Japan and Germany when it comes to robotics development. 

Therefore, it is necessary for kids to have hands-on training when it comes to robotics in India. Learning how to make a robot for kids is just one part of the challenge. To fully understand robotics, a kid also needs to learn programming and basic engineering. 

Robots for kids also makes them familiar with numerous STEM concepts and teachers can monitor the activity for proper guidance. By solving technical challenges involved in making robots for kids, children develop in the world of science. In the long run, this is beneficial for the country as it can foster an academic and technical environment. 

Growth for Robotics in India is only possible when kids learn about new technology and master STEM skills without the pressure of results and grades. 

Introduction to Arduino


In simple terms, Arduino is an open hardware development board that is used to develop several devices and robots by hobbyists, designers, and small-time engineers. 

An Arduino board is made up of several interfaces and parts that are connected through a single circuit. Before knowing how to make a robot, it is essential to draw the Arduino circuit diagram. All the parts are available in a robotics kit with some variations on the board. If you are learning how to make a robot for kids, it is essential to know the components of an Arduino. 

Robotics in India is still at a nascent stage; therefore, it is essential to teach kids through a robotics kit. Every Arduino board consists of a power source which is the USB or Barrel Jack. Do note that a power supply greater than 20 Volts is not recommended. 

There are also six types of pins available on the board, which are GND, 5V, 3.3V, Analog, Digital, PWM, and AREF. GND is short for Ground, and it is used to ground the circuit while the analogue pins can analyse the sensor. 

In addition to that, digital pins (0 through 13) can read digital input and output. The four 5V pins and five 3.3V pins supply the power according to their numerical value. PWM pins stand for Pulse-Width Modulation, and AREF pins stand for Analog Reference. 

When you are learning how to make a robot for kids, it is essential to test it multiple times. Therefore, Arduino has a reset button that is useful if the code does not repeat. Arduino contains a power LED indicator that indicates whenever the board is connected to a power source. The TX RX LEDs indicate the pins that can communicate whenever the Arduino is receiving or transmitting data. There is also an Integrated circuit that is the brain of the Arduino, along with a Voltage Regulator that controls the voltage and saves the circuit from harm. 

Arduino Kits by ThinkerPlace

An Arduino board is essential to learn how to make a robot. Using the robotics kit by ThinkerPlace, you can make two types of robots - Bluetooth control and obstacle avoiding robots. If you are trying to learn how to make a robot for kids, Arduino Kits by ThinkerPlace is extremely helpful for young students interested in Robotics, electronics, and coding. 

The robotics kit contains all the necessary tools and components that one needs to make robots for kids. It is a complete kit at a reasonable price that also comes with a lab safety manual. The battery can be charged with a 12-volt adapter which is available in the kit, and the Arduino already comes with a Bluetooth robot code.

 ThinkerPlace also has a PDF tutorial along with a video tutorial to guide you along with your learning of how to make a robot. You can also download the app, and the Bluetooth can be connected to the phone with a default password of one two three four. The Arduino kit by ThinkerPlace can be used to make a perfect obstacle avoiding robot. 


Scientific temperament and STEM education are necessary to improve the stance of robotics in India. Therefore, learning how to make a robot for kids can impart practical learning essential for the growth of technology. Robots for kids is highly beneficial as students can acquire productive skills and knowledge that they can use in any walk of life. 

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