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Importance of Robotics Kits for Beginners in India

Robotics as a possible career is becoming more popular among today's students. Robots are machines that can perform a variety of operations and functions autonomously or on command. As an engineering discipline, robotics is concerned with the design of robot parts, robot making, and the application of robots. Robots are quickly becoming an essential part of our lives, from moving goods on a factory floor to performing complex medical procedures and space exploration missions. When combined with advancements in other areas such as artificial intelligence, Robotics will play an increasingly important role in our way of living. When it comes to the rise of robotics in India, it is still in its infancy. According to a global report published in 2017, there are only three robots for every 10,000 employees in India. 

This clearly falls short of the country's industrial growth targets for long-term growth. Interventions must thus be made in our educational system to prepare young students for the future by introducing robotics at an early age. As a result, interventions in our educational system are required to prepare young students for tomorrow by introducing robotics for kids. Learning through robotics can be more effective in terms of engaging students and instilling a scientific temperament in them. Today's world is driven by technology, and students must be up to date on the latest developments to be productive members of society. 

Importance Of Introducing Robotics In Schools:

Demand for applicants with expertise in robotics has increased by over 200 percent in a job market dominated by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). As the demand-supply gap narrows, this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Several private firms are introducing robot kits and other DIY modules that are proving to be a far better and effective way of sustainable knowledge, thereby maintaining its value. 

Studying robotics also promotes complex reasoning and problem-solving abilities, resulting in highly qualified and productive future workers.

In a variety of industries, robots are being created and deployed in an expanding number of functions. Hence, starting with simple robotics projects for kids can be helpful in the long run as they build a strong foundation around the subject.

With such initiatives, young children are given the opportunity to engage with tools and equipment which help them learn STEM concepts. Science, robotics, sensors, 3D printing, and computers are among the educational and learning "do it yourself" kits and equipment paving the way. 

Robotics and ThinkerPlace

ThinkerPlace provides STEM DIY kits with detailed manuals for a commendable experience of being introduced to robotics early on. Our STEM DIY Kits like the Line Follower Robots are designed so that it is easy to comprehend and grasp the concept of robotics in real-time. It provides hands-on practice in building the robot parts as well as applying them in real life. It comes with a user-friendly 3D Casing for efficient learning and accessible building.

Education has been completely computerized in this era due to the uncertainty of Covid-19. But, keeping in mind how digital education might affect a child's mind and body, there is a need for practical learning. Robotics in India is an inter-disciplinary engineering profession with several prospects to work for some of the most significant companies in the country and abroad. The future of robotics engineering offers substantial prospects for its developing specialists, from production units to experimental robotics for healthcare, defense, and industrial applications.

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