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Need Of S.T.E.M - Why India Has a Huge Need as well as The Potential For STEM Learning?

India is expecting its economy to boost and for getting the needed economy, the focus of future studies needs to be changed to the practical learning and problem-solving skills of the future industrialists of the country. The concept of STEM education is to educate students in a very efficient way and make them good problem solvers in their life to take part in the future making of India. The usual education system of India is way more different from the needed education system as it only focuses on the gradings and marks of the students, which sometimes makes the students so unmotivated for pursuing the studies. For taking those students’ names in the list of top students, it is needed to focus on the creative learning and problem-solving abilities of students so that they can achieve what is needed to frame the future of the country.

Keeping track of the current changing system, the pattern of education is not up to the mark. It needs every change, which is essential to reframe the education system for enhancing the potential of students because the current system is not giving the sharp to their potential.

What is the need for STEM education in India?

Student’s development depends on the learning which he has gone through during his academics and STEM produces the ability of understanding to the students so that they can think better and solve the problems accurately. In the industries, it is always needed for a perfect problem solver.

STEM provides the ways of practical applications of skills to the students for encouraging them, and it is different from the typical Indian education system because the system focuses on the route of learning the concepts rather than understanding it. The actual need for STEM education in India is to change the way of learning among students and change their focus to understanding instead of learning. STEM education provides a diversity of learning and understanding the concepts. After being a part of STEM education, the student will find himself as SUPERMAN when it comes to solving a typical problem in personal and professional life. There is a diversity of career options with STEM in which the students can pursue their careers and use their critical thinking ability and practical knowledge in the field. There are several benefits of early learning of STEM that enhance the ability of students to face the challenges from their childhood, and even they can learn a new language quickly if they got the right choice of understanding it. The demand for STEM professionals will be needed in the upcoming future, which can only be fulfilled if the STEM education is applied efficiently and correctly to the students. The best component of STEM education is that the one who is a STEM learner, he will evolve himself as a problem-solver and critical thinker. So if they don’t go for the professional STEM industries, they can still function better than their correspondents due to these skills.

What are the Jobs in the STEM sectors?

There are specific jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics sectors which only need the persons with practical knowledge of the subjects so they can engage with the practical problems and find their solutions efficiently. STEM sectors are the future leading sectors of the industries, and the requirement of STEM graduates will take a boost in the future. The following jobs will be available for the STEM graduates in the current era and the upcoming future:

  • 3D Printing Industries
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Web Designers
  • ESPN Statistician
  • Network Manager
  • Developers
  • STEM Teachers

STEM education is grabbing the grip in the markets as educational institutions are understanding the importance of STEM education and make the industries fulfil their needs with the professional STEM graduates. The diversity in the job sectors for STEM graduates is vital for taking the mark to understand the importance of STEM education among students. There will be a need for STEM education in the upcoming future because the industries are getting diverse in their genre, which will encourage STEM learning. 

How can India Fulfill its need for STEM graduates?

India is having a large population of youth, and they need the proper guidance of STEM education from their childhood so they can perform better in their future and make the country recognized in the world for their innovations. The history of science and technology in India engaged from the ancient period when the whole world was struggling for survival. STEM education system can develop an interest of the students toward thinking and problem solving for the better future of the country.

The government can promote STEM education on an enormous scale. It can meet the requirement in significantly less time if it is applied efficiently making the balance with other subjects of learning.

The NITI AYOG has initiated ATAL INNOVATION MISSION (AIM) which is promoting STEM learning on a large scale and providing all the necessary tools to the institutions and cultivate the curiosity of understanding among the students. The program aims to promote skills like computational thinking, fast calculations, physical computing, and building the environment’s scientific temperament and innovations among students. Indian educators are the key to focus on the STEM Education system, and they have started to go for the smart learning techniques and smart classes in the institutions to enhance the mindset of the children from their middle school. 

To sum up

STEM education is needed for the overall growth of the country, especially in the genre of finance, development, mathematics, technology, medical, and engineering. STEM education is providing all the necessary ideas to make the students think and solve the problems efficiently in less time. The attitude of students has also changed, and they want to engage themselves with technology and science things. This is the right time when educational societies and the government can collaborate for working in the promotion of STEM education in India. 

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