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The Scenario Of S.T.E.M Education In India


India is the vast country with the ancient history of science and technology; it is among those countries which know science and technology when the world was just pursuing the management of life. But in the current era, the image of India is a developing country in every field, particularly in the field of science and technology.

For the development of the country, STEM plays a vital role in its innovative ideas among the students and the approach to practical learning in them. STEM is the portrayal of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and it promotes creative learning, problem-solving, teamwork, and innovations among the students. STEM is an integrated and applied approach for teaching, and it plays a vital role because the world is moving toward science and technology for the overall development of the country and society.

STEM is the backbone of the current era due to its ability to problem-solve in less time and development of essential tools for the evolution of humanity. Scientific and technical skills are the vital skills that are to be developed in the students from an early age for getting the interest and ability to solve problems. In today’s scenario, it is essential to promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation to the students because the students are the leaders of tomorrow, they are the future entrepreneurs of the businesses, and they are the innovators for the future of the country.

India is the sixth-largest country from the perspective of the economy. It expects vast labour services in the future development of the country, and more than 20% of the labour services will approach STEM graduates for the work.

How is STEM Education important for Students?

STEM education in India is a very new concept in the Indian Education System, and the country is focusing on revolutionizing its Education system by involving the STEM education system for the overall growth of the future of India. STEM majorly focuses on its four main subjects and their subtopics to get the expertise in the education sector, and according to a report of UNCTAD in 2018, there are 29.2% Indians students who have graduated in the STEM subjects. Increase STEM Graduates for the improvement of the social and economic status of the country. Going back to a time, when students from India mainly did their graduations in the Humanities and Commerce subjects, India lacked the proper STEM graduates, and it affected the social and economic status of the country in the world.

There is an increment in jobs in STEM sectors such as banking, web development, business analyst, software engineer, etc.

So with excellent skills and learning in the genre, graduates from STEM sectors can make up with the opportunities as the career option. Indian schools, universities concentrate on the STEM education system for promoting critical thinking and maintaining scientific temperament in the students so they can make some innovations.

Why is the STEM system not getting many approaches?


In India, the ratio of male and female STEM graduates is the lowest in the world, which needs to be improved. According to a report of UNESCO, there are only 14% of the female researchers in the STEM sectors, and women are less likely to pursue their careers in the STEM sectors due to the less support from the family and society. The status of women needs to be improved in the technical and scientific genre so that it can boost up the mind of women to pursue their careers in the STEM sectors.


The research in the STEM sectors is not getting much attention from the students due to the limited resources available. Researchers can not pursue the research which is vital for the future of STEM in the country. The report says that only 144 journals published from 2004 to 2018, which need to be improved for the future of STEM education in the country.

Government Engagement for improving STEM System

The Indian government is taking measures to integrate the STEM education system in the curriculum of schools so that students can take interests from an early age and can engage with the technology for a better understanding of STEM education. The National Education Policy also initiated some programs like ATAL LAB SOLUTIONS which provides smart learning to the students for engaging with the STEM curriculum.


The government also started India’s Largest Robotics Competition collaborating with the National Council of Science Museums and the MInistry of culture. India is joining the league of most STEM graduates all over the world. Still, the real problem is getting the shortage of skills in the technical and scientific fields due to the significant difference in academic curriculum and industry needs. Indian Education System is still focusing on the grading system for the industrial approach, which is not up to the mark.


STEM education needs so many resources that are important for the introduction and make students friendly with STEM education. It requires adequate fundings to promote STEM education in Schools, Universities and is vital for the mental growth of the future of the country.

Presently the jobs in STEM sectors got a vast increment, and it is a milestone for the country and for those who have pursued their degrees in the STEM system. can improve the social and economic status of India if the education in STEM sectors gets full recognition. There should be the value of skills over grades. With the collaboration of the STEM system and the Indian Education System, it is hard to get the milestone of perfect STEM graduates and industry needs for the country. Will enhance critical thinking and problem-solving ability of the student by applying the STEM education system in the primary curriculum of academics.

To Sum Up

The STEM education system in India is at the stage of development where it needs some improvements and focus on the educational societies, Governments, Researchers, and Universities. For a better approach towards industrial sectors, the attitude of critical thinking and problem-solving is vital for the students so that they can prove them in any situation.

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