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What can my Child Learn From an Obstacle Avoiding Robot?

Robotics is a fast-emerging technology with robotics set to take over manual jobs. Robotics in India has taken over warehouses and the CAGR growth is expected to be 10-12% by 2030. China is the leader when it comes to robotics with over 40% of total sales. Therefore, robotics in India has become a necessity prior to the blockchain, Artificial intelligence, and other futuristic technology. It is essential to adopt robotics in India to make the Indian industry globally competitive. This is the reason why robotics need to be implemented at the ground level. 

Importance of robotics in India

Robotics is not only concerned with computer engineering, it also covers several aspects of engineering like mechanical, electrical, and information. Even though robots were produced to work in dangerous environments and save manual work, they are highly valuable in laboratories, military, hospitals, and research centers. It is highly essential to adopt robotics in India as robots are considered more productive than humans. With the help of robotics, India can manufacture on a large scale and efficiently maintain the inventory. 

Not only manufacturing, but robotics in India can purposefully save the lives of many people involved in dangerous environments. In manufacturing units, robots can reduce the risk of lifting heavy items, working in dangerous mines, and working around dangerous chemicals. Robotics can also reduce potentially long working hours and perform efficiently. 

The advancement of robotics in India will also create various employment opportunities. In the field of robotics, there are a lot of opportunities and a large number of jobs. Robots can also save precious resources and manpower. With the help of advanced technology, India can soar high in the global market and make a name in the field of science and technology. 

Child development with STEM

There is no doubt that our future is going to be taken over by engineering and technology. With the uprising of the digital world,  STEM education has become vastly critical and necessary. With STEM and robotics taking the center stage, it is essential to develop the base of science at an early level. Exposing kids to the study of robotics can enlarge their minds and help them cope with science at an early age. 

There are many myths when it comes to STEM education. STEM kits can establish lifelong thinking skills, especially when young minds can be easily moulded by teachers. One of the many fears among parents is that the focus on STEM kits will come after sacrificing the child's focus on non-STEM subjects. However, it is to be noted that STEM education is closely linked to improvement in literature skills, linguistic ability, and mental literacy, language learning, and superior mental functioning. In addition to that, STEM kits and curriculums are designed in a way to introduce the concepts from pre-school levels. There are many initiatives undertaken by various governments like robot toy for kids and making obstacle avoiding robot, to help build scientific and institutional literacy. 

Practical learning of robotics for children can build and teach creativity, resourcefulness, patience, and curiosity. STEM learning is everywhere now and with stem kits, children can establish themselves as innovators. Kids thrive with simple STEM activities like growing crystals, designing self-propelled cars, and making an obstacle avoiding robot. While theoretical knowledge in STEM education can help with the clarity of a topic, practical learning can impart understanding about a subject.

Although there are several barriers in providing robot toy for kids to enhance the growth of STEM education, there are many preschool programs that have become successful in imparting robotics in India at the ground level. There has been adequate training of Teachers to address the problem faced by kids with stem kits

Benefits of learning robotics from a young age

Although measuring the benefits of Robotics from an early age is quite difficult, various studies have shown the benefits of STEM and robotics education as a prediction that the child will succeed academically in the future. A study conducted by the researchers at a Californian University  found out that exposure to STEM education and robotics can actually prove superior academic superiority in children aged between 5 to 10 years. Robotics has also taught the kids to apply theory in making an obstacle avoiding robot among other inventions. 

Robotics has also played a vital role in the holistic learning process of children where it has enabled the kids to deploy their power of deduction, reasoning, and pattern recognition from robot toy for kids. Making robotics integral can help children become future innovators and creators. 

Learning about robotics

Making an obstacle avoiding robot will allow the students to think critically and boost the child's curiosity. There are many robot toy for kids that enable creativity and scientific thinking among other things that are vital to science. Robotics and an obstacle avoiding robot can help a child develop a logical thought process along with problem-solving skills. 

Therefore, it will ensure the development of mental habits to come up with innovative solutions for complicated challenges. When given hands-on projects like an obstacle avoiding robot or robot toy for kids in their stem kits, students can learn the art of time and project management along with achieving smaller targets for bigger projects.

Given that the industry is changing rapidly that will make manual jobs redundant, learning robotics from an early age will prepare the kids with the required skills and technical acumen. As per the latest study, more than 75% of future jobs will require a working knowledge of robotics and digital literacy. An obstacle avoiding robot can be the path that leads to innovation and growth. 

Features of an Obstacle avoiding robot

An obstacle avoiding robot is quite commonplace these days and a lot of industries are actively using the technology. For example, Tesla's self-driving car profusely uses this technology. A lot of engineering and programming goes into the working of an Obstacle avoiding robot and it is being continuously used in changing the traffic signals automatically, intruder alarm systems switching parking meters, and back sonar of automobiles. 

There are various features of an obstacle avoiding robot that makes it the best robot toy for kids. It is incredibly compact and lightweight along with having high sensitivity and high pressure. This makes it perfectly suitable for kids as it is highly reliable. It has a maximum power consumption of 20mA which makes it safe for kids. There is a narrow acceptance angle and pulse in/out communication. 

Along with that, an Obstacle avoiding robot can provide the exact, non-contact separation estimations between two to three centimetres. If there is an explosion point, the robot has an LED light that will show estimations. The 3-pin header also makes it simple for the kids to connect the servo motors in the development link. 


Learning how to make an obstacle avoiding robot might seem small, but the idea behind it is huge. Robotics and STEM are becoming commonplace in today's world and STEM is the most desired subject in all developing nations. Robotics in India is set to have a huge boost where innovation will increase along with critical thinking, design, and creativity. When engineering meets technology, an Obstacle avoiding robot will help the kids keep up with the demand of this ever-changing technical world.

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